Remote I/O Scanner 1747-SN

Remote I/O scanner (1747-SN )

For PLC Program Remote I/O Scanner is the communication module between SLC processor and remotely located 1746 I/O chassis and other RIO compatible Allen-Bradley operator interface and control devices. The RIO link consists of a single master (scanner) and multiple slaves (adapters). Scanner use twisted pair cable to connect the device together. The scanner can install in any slot of the local SLC chassis. 

The AB Scanner can setting for transfer a maximum of 4 logical racks of discrete data on the RIO link. The scanner provides discrete I/O and block transfers. The scanner communication with other device by sending output data to device and waiting for input feedback from other devices.

You refer to this exchange as a discrete I/O transfer. After the scanner completes its discrete I/O transfer with the last configured network device, it begins another discrete I/O transfer with the first device.

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