Installing the DH-485 Network

What is DH-485 connection

DH-485 network to pass information between devices on the plant floor. The network monitors process parameters, device parameters, device status, process status and application programs to support data acquisition, data monitoring, program upload/download and supervisory control.
The DH-485 network offers:
• interconnection of 32 devices
• multi-master capability
• token passing access control
• the ability to add or remove nodes without disrupting the network
• maximum network length of 1219 m (4000 ft)

: The SLC 500 Series A (only) processors set the maximum node address to 31 when power is cycled increasing initialization and response time of the network.

The maximum number of communication devices
SLC 500 fixed and SLC 5/01 processors can be selected by two initiators maximum at the same time. Using more than two initiators to select the same SLC 500 fixed and SLC 5/01 processors at the same time can cause communication timeouts.

To install a DH-485, you need tools to strip shielded cable and connect the cable and terminators isolated link Coupler.
Installing the DH-485 with the following tools (or equivalent):

Install DH-485
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