PLC Programming History

PLC Programs History

PLC Programs

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) has been initiated by a group of engineers used the General Motor Company in 1968 where the system has many advantages.
1.) Easy to program and Modify it easily.
2.) Easy for maintenance, repair Using nature as a Plug-in module.
3.) System reliability and smaller device size compared with the relay system.
4.) Cost less compared with relays.
Such advantages of the PLC system of widespread interest. Demand of PLC has increased significantly. Technologies in this field has been developing rapidly. From basic logic circuits has become a simple command. As well as to develop and include. counter, timer, shift registers, advance mathematical addition of the Hardware section of the structure has been developed as a memory with large number of input-output that much.
Later, around 1976 have been fabricated devices Remote I / O rack, a device that supports the use of the I / O ์ distant several hundred meters from the main PLC.
Around year 1977, the company Allan-Bradley Corporation has adoption of microprocessor 8080, applications from the PLC has been developed and are available to many levels of her contemporaries. MF 1980 has begun. development Interigent I / O and increase the ability to communicate.
Also in the rung Sen Pat has more modules, such as Analog I / O, PID control, communications, graphic display, addition I / O, additional memory, etc..

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