Allen Bradley Device Network

A Device network connects plant floor devices directly to the control system (e.g., SLC 500 controller) reducing the number of I/O interfaces and wiring associated with a typical hard-wired solution.The DeviceNet communication network is a completely open Device network and has the support of industry’s leading sensor, actuator,
and control manufacturers.

In a typical configuration, the 1747-SDN DeviceNet Scanner acts as an interface between DeviceNet devices and the SLC 5/02, SLC 5/03, SLC 5/04, and SLC 5/05 processors. The scanner communicates with DeviceNet devices over the network to:
• Read inputs from a device
• Write outputs to a device
• Download configuration data
• Monitor a device’s operational status

The scanner communicates with the SLC 500 processors to exchange I/O data. Information exchanged includes:
• Device I/O data
• Status information
• Configuration data

A single scanner (master) can communicate with up to 63 nodes (slaves) on DeviceNet. The SLC system supports multiple scanners if more devices are required to be controlled by a single SLC 500 processor.

PLC ProgramsDeviceNet Network Length

The DeviceNet network lengths are listed below.

PLC Programs

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